Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Our Holiday at Setting Lake - Part 1 - Fishing

Nananananana fishing!
Nananananana fishing!
fishing! fishing! fishing!.... Batman!


So my kids are master anglers.

Oh ... you didn't know?

And you want proof?

Well... I thought we were friends and that you'd take my word for it...

But if you insist:

Logan took the "praying to the heavens for a fish" approach.

Laney paid careful attention to the fishing instructions...

And then became fiercely SER-EEEEEEEE-US!. Look at that face! I'm surprised the fish didn't just recognize those vibes and just jump on the line.

She eventually eased up and took on an old hand at this kind of attitude.

Logan just became goofy.

Both kids were so awesome on the boat for hours at a time. They didn't complain and were both interested in the fishing and conversation. Not a peep about getting off the boat. We brought chips and licorice, so of course there were complaints about being hungry in order to get a parent or two to break into the snacks hehehe

I'm make no claims to being a master angler this time around. Apparently these northern fish are not the ones I'm used to who just go for the bait with full force. Nope, these fish are nibblers. So ... yeah... I gave them a free lunch ... like ... 5 times.  Oooops! Oh well... Next time they are in trouble!

Grandpa caught the first edible fish of the trip. Terry and I both caught something called a Jack(?) which isn't all that edible.

Grandma caught the biggest fish of the day!

And then grandpa caught 4 more fish. So we had a wonderful fish dinner when we got back to the cottage.

Team LT was shut out. But we all had fun anyway!

Laney even had to school daddy as to the proper fishing technique. hehehe


And if anyone asks: Yes my kids are master anglers! This catfish isn't stuffed! Nope! They hauled ole General Sherman right out of the lake. Honest! :D

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Jack (also called Northern Pike) isn't edible? oh my, then I guess I almost died about 60 or so times in my lifetime.... it's not the tastiest but it's awesome for homemade fish nuggets and such :)
and ps master angler is a fishing program, the term for which is not loosely thrown around in some circles... http://huntfishmanitoba.ca/go-fishing/master-angler-awards
Can you tell there are more than a few fishermen in my past ? ;p