Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Iron Craft #17 - UFOs

The challenge this week:
"We are over halfway through this year and that seems like a good time for a UFO challenge. For those of you who don’t know a UFO is an UnFinished Object. This is your two weeks to go back and finish something that has been sitting around your house half done. It can also be something that you’ve had the supplies sitting around for, but never got around to making." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Yeah... so I have a ton of unfinished projects kicking around. I also have tons of supplies waiting to be made into something that I haven't gotten around to yet.

To choose just one, that was the real challenge.

I finally went with the one that is taking up the most room and getting in my way all the time.

I started this quilt last summer.  I got this far:

A pretty decent start.

 But all the pieces were cut out and clogging up a basket that I like to use for other stuff. I was afraid to move it because all the squares were labelled with sticky notes only. And the unfinished quilt top was folded and in a huge pile of stuff taking up space and making clutter.  It needed to be finished.

So I finished it! And I cut it close... I just put the binding on yesterday. Phew!

Notice the pattern is totally cray cray.

I got it by plugging the Tawny Bee logo into the quilt pattern making machine on the Victoria and Albert Museum website. I don't even think they have this feature anymore. But it was super cool!

There's the head.

I plopped the kids down on it so that you can get an idea about size.

  The back and binding was made with a thrifted yellow queen sized sheet.

It turned out lovely even though I did use all the subtle colours they wanted in the pattern. I made it my own by using some of the fabrics that were special to me.

And of course if you didn't already know by the giant bee on the quilt, it was handmade by Tawny Bee. I ironed the sticker on there anyway.


I'm not quite sure what we will be using this quilt for, but the cat had some ideas:

To view all the the Iron Craft UFOs check out the Flickr group.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

Wow, that is big & a big project to get finished. I think you did a great job on it. The quilt generator sounds so cool.