Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Chandelier Redo - With Burlap!

I feel kind of odd calling out livingroom/diningroom lighting a "chandelier". Sure it hangs from the ceiling, but I always think much bigger when I think about chandeliers. You know, hanging crystals and gold or silver opulence.

Oh well.... before this past week, we had a real problem with our lighting in the livingroom/diningroom area. It was really pretty, but not very useful. The room was too red. So red that we could barely see our food in the winter months when it gets dark during dinner.

Time for a redo.

This is what I ended up with:

I like it! I like it a lot!

To show you what we started with for comparison:

I describe our interior decorating style as a fusion project called "Asian Cottage". It basically means that we have a lot of patchwork looking and vintage stuff combined with Asian influences.  So the red lantern was perfect for this look. Only as you can see, it shone red and against our red wall, it was REALLY red.

Not very practical.

So I took a burlap rice bag, some vintage ivory lace and a lampshade that I thrifted for $2.99 and went to work.

Took the fabric off.

Measured and glued down the burlap.

Then glued the lace.

No sewing. And it only took about 20 minutes. 

 Much brighter. And since the rice bag is Asian and the lace is vintage we're still well within our "Asian Cottage" theme.  Yay!

I took a ton of time trying to get the lampshade to sit straight with this set up. Unfortunately, it's a little crooked due to a wayward pull string inside the lighting apparatus. I'm going to have to figure something out to straighten it a bit.

The main thing to note though is that I finally jumped on the burlap bandwagon. I know I know... burlap has been the fabric on trend these past few years. There are about 6 billion crafty tutorials using burlap out there (Just Google burlap DIY and see - crayzeee!) Something trendy in our house? That's new.

Anyway, did I mention that we have another red lantern hanging opposite this new chandelier? Not to worry, once I find another useable lamp shade I'll be fixing that one up as well. I'm hoping to find a larger shade this time. That way I can use it where this one is because it sits directly over where Terry sits at the diningroom table. It almost looks like an interrogation light (or as Terry likes to say "a halo") is shining over him with this current smaller one. Maybe because we're so used to eating in red light, this one seems a bit distracting now. *sigh*

It is certainly an improvement anyway!

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AnnaPK said...

I saw you had pout this on Pinterest and I absolutely love it!!!