Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Tribute Upon Retirement

I couldn't really think of a good name for this post.

I needed a name that would reflect the epicness of what I'm about to tell you.

Nothing seemed to work....


So I'll just come out with it:


That ole girl has been through so much.

It was the bag that caused me so much frustration while sewing it that it put me into labour with Lane.

It came to our wedding with us:

Do you see if over by the folding chairs on the right side of the photo? Just waiting to be put to work.

We took it to Edmonton with us for my heart surgery:

Always in the background... waiting to be put to good use. This time you can only see a tiny piece of the handle in the bottom basket of the stroller in this photo from the hotel we stayed at in Edmonton.

She's been to Comicon and carted pieces of Halloween costumes:

She's gone on all sorts of family outings:

Carrying juice sippy cups at Lower Fort Garry.

In the background on every Christmas morning - just in case...

Waiting so that the Easter bunny might have an extra place to hide the eggs:

This ole bag has been used as a step stool when Logan was too small to reach the toilets in public (and then immediately washed!)
She's glowed in the dark at the mini putts place.
She's been run over by the car and survived... twice...
She's been hauled around in winter and summer and had every manner of kids stuff safely stored within her fortified walls.
She's the best thing I've even sewn.
And the only bag that has made me cry with frustration, and now emotion over all the memories that she has tucked away inside all of her pockets.

So long ole girl!

You've done good.

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