Thursday, 25 July 2013

Meet Dave the Minion

I have felt a little like Gru from Despicable Me these past few days.

You see... I've been creating a minion of my very own. Or rather a minion for Logan.

It all started when I noticed that the kids were obsessed with the minions. And frankly, they are the best part of those movies... sorta... actually... I really like the entire movies. But anyway...

I looked on the toy store site and saw that they were selling 10" plush minions for $26.99!  ACK!  Too expensive for my blood. Especially since both kids would want one.

So I grabbed my yellow fleece, an old black t-shirt of Terry's, some blue knit and my trusty bag of poly-fill and came up with this:

Everyone meet Dave - he's Logan's new minion.

Not bad eh?

Here is a photo of the store brand one for comparison:

Since my version of Dave is Logan's minion, he doesn't have a G fro Gru on the pocket. Instead it's an L.

The making of this minion was fussy work. The eyes are sewn on by hand and the goggles are stuffed a bit extra to look like actual goggles. I struggled with the mouth. I tried open mouth with some teeth and tongue which didn't work. Then I tried a small smile. I finally tipped one end of the mouth up into an impish little smile and it looked the best. It's amazing what a tiny little off placement will do for facial expression.

Dave's arms of fully posable. Oh the wonders of pipe cleaners! The hands were a serious struggle as well. I must have done about 7 hands before I got 2 that would work. And then after I had sewn them on, Logan pointed out that minions were not like traditional animated characters that have 4 fingers - they only have 3! ACK! So I ended up redoing them again.

Anyway, Logan really loves Dave. He even saw the store brand one and said that he liked mine better because it is softer and has an L for Logan on it.  Yay!  I'd say that's a win. And I made Dave for about $8 and he's a full 5" taller than the 10" one at the store.

Wish me luck while I attempt to make Stuart the one-eyed minion for Lane.I'll definitely show you the results in an upcoming post! :D

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