Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Irn Craft #13: How Many Laney Bugs High Are You?

This week's Iron Craft Challenge:

"It seems like we are all super busy this time of year, moving or not, so your challenge this week is to give yourself a few hours with a needle creating something. The needle you choose it up to you, it can be a knitting needle, sewing needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, punch needle, felting needle, quilting needle or any other needle you can think of." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Sooooo.... I was totally going to design a new tattoo and then get needled for this challenge... but that was too expensive.

Instead I came up with this - A growth chart for little Laney. We call it the How Many Laneybugs High Are You? chart.

I tried to make this growth chart as if it were to become an heirloom piece.  The Ladybugs (Laneybugs to my little Laney) and the vine and leaves are made from Lane's old baby clothes. Hopefully she'll want to keep this chart and pass it down to her kids.

I spent almost every evening these past two weeks hand stitching all the elements down and applying a gazillion buttons.

It was fun to remember some of the things we were doing when Lane was wearing some of the clothes that were turned into Laneybugs. Above: The bears were feetie pajamas and a pair of little pants. Below were another pair of feetie pajamas and a pair of rainbow pants.

I used a pink and white chevrons pattern for the background on the front and for the back of the chart as well. It was a yard cut in half.  I use ribbons for the hangers.

The coloured clothespins are for measuring. The pink one is how tall Lane is and the green one is how tall Logan is. He's a bit jealous that I haven't made one of these charts for him. I'll have to put one for him on my list of stuff to do.

Lane is a pretty good model.

It looks pretty cute in her room with her fancy rag rug that I made and her fancy strawberry curtains and change table converted to a dresser (also both made by me and the change table revamp was another Iron Craft project from last year).

As I said... Logan was feeling a bit left out, so here is a photo with both of them. Awwww.....

What do you think? Will it stand the test of time and be a keeper? Or maybe it's too "on trend" for right now with the ladybugs and chevrons that it will be too out of style to pass on? Either way, I'm sure Lane will enjoy it in her room for awhile :)


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Just Crafty Enough said...

I'm sure this one is a keeper through the years. You'll really have to make another one. Thanks for being so committed to the challenge!

DangAndBlast! said...

That's lovely!