Friday, 12 July 2013

Bubble Party!

Bubble Party!

Recipe for Bubble Stuff:

- 12 cups water
- 1 cup Dawn Liquid Dish Soap (I have read a bunch of places that Dawn or Joy are the best for bubbles)
- 1 tablespoon Glycerine
- I mixed all these ingredients in a large container with a lid so that the bubble stuff can be stored outside without getting bugs and rain in it.

You can buy Glycerine at the pharmacy. It's funny because when we went to buy the glycerine, the cashier at the pharmacy said, "Let me guess - you're making bubbles!" Haha... I guess when you walk into the pharmacy with two children and purchase glycerine, that's the automatic assumption.  She was correct!

The Large Bubble "Wands" are made with two wooden dowels (purchased at the Dollarstore) and string. One string is tied between the two dowels at the "top" - this string is shorter. The second string is then tied between the two dowels with a sag in it to make a longer loop (u-shape). You then put your wand in the bubble stuff with the wooden dowels together. Then slowly pull them apart and the bubble stuff and the wind (or your movement) will do the rest. The trick is trying to close off the bubble once you get it that big. It's so much fun trying though!

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