Monday, 17 June 2013

The Red River Exhibition 2013

We made it to another Red River Ex yesterday. It was threatening to rain all day, but it held off and we had a great time.

It was Father's Day so we were up early due to the kids' excitement over giving presents to Terry as soon as they woke up. Then we headed off to the Ex. They grant free entry to everyone between 10:30 and 11:30 on the Sunday morning and even treat us all to a free pancake breakfast. Can't beat that! We took advantage of this last year and it saved us a bundle, so we did it again of course!

Here are some photo highlights:

I told you it was early. Terry's barely awake while opening his Father's Day gifts

Waiting in line for free entrance. A clown made some cool hats for the kids.

Merry Go Round. Logan is tall enough for some bigger kid rides, but Lane is still about a year short of that.


This car ride whipped around the corner super fast. It's the 1st "fast" ride Lane has ever been on. The screams and smiles coming from those kids was priceless. Best moment of the day.

Swings! Don't those clouds look menacing? It didn't rain on us though. :)

Helicopters! (Although the sign on the ride said "jets"... huh?)

Spider swings!

Logan went into the fun house. Lane wasn't tall enough yet.

Up on a bridge in the fun house

Since Logan went into the funhouse without her, Lane went on the Jeeps without him.

Demon Llamas! ACK! hehehe

Lane chose healthy with roasted corn for her carnival snack. Logan enjoyed the mini donuts.

And all my hard work on this running program became moot with 4 words "PIZZA ON A STICK"

Daddy and Laney watching the Extreme Dogs show

Logan petting the dogs after the show

Laney petting the dogs after the show.
It was a terrific day, but I still haven't broken my streak of throwing up after the Red River Ex. My body just can't take all those sinful snacks. Bleh. So sick today.

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