Monday, 3 June 2013

The Hi Neighbour Festival 2013

The season of summer fun for the family has begun. It started with the awesome fun school BBQ last Wednesday and then moved onto the Hi Neighbour Festival in Transcona this past weekend.

Here are some highlights:

Laney on the Laneybugs!

A ride on ye olde' train

Merry Go Round

Logan with Logan (and Terry in the middle)

At the top of the kiddie Ferris Wheel. Logan actually braved the big Ferris Wheel as well.

Dora! Lane will not stop talking about how she met Dora - such a name dropper today.

Carnival food - BBQ sandwich, Lemonade and Mini Donuts

And more carnival food - poutine!

Dad felt bad that mommy wasn't in any photos again, so took this one on the way back to the car.

Logan with his Sunny-D at the end of the festival

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