Thursday, 13 June 2013

Teacher Appreciation 2013

OMG - I found out on Tuesday that Lane's last day of school was today!


I am totally dropping the ball with everything these last few weeks.

I've forgotten to pack Logan's snack in the morning.

I have had to dig through all our spare change to figure out the money needed for Logan's field trip.

It was Logan's very special person day yesterday and I got everything needed together, but didn't do anything extra to make his day really special. We ended up taking him to McDonald's for dinner because I didn't plan a special lunch picnic or make him a special gift.

This doesn't seem like a big deal I know, but when I'm at home all day what the hell else do I gotta do? I don't clean my house that often that's for sure. So I feel like a total failure.

Then I found out it's Lane's last day today and let me tell ya, I've squandered these past few days of freedom from children. I've done absolutely nothing. No sewing, no cleaning, no baking, no nothing.

And then realizing that Lane has her last day of school and I hadn't even begun to think about teacher appreciation gifts.


So I phoned it in a little this year....

Every teacher in every single school across Canada, the US and probably around the world will be getting at least 5 of these. I'm pretty sure.

I blame Pinterest.

Anyway, add a few cute kids to the mix and you've got a decent photo of a cute lemonade cup with lid and straw (bought at the new Target) stuffed full of Crystal Light individual packets of iced tea.

At least if each teacher receives a bunch of these it's not like they can't use them. They are super cute. And who doesn't need a pile of these pretty drinking glasses for their patio? I actually wish I had bought some for me.

I suggest putting a shot of vodka or rum in with the Iced Tea to celebrate being free from our brats for two whole months. The kids are now our problem once more.

I'm kidding. Not about the rum or vodka - but I'm sure teacher miss the kids during the summer (at least my kids hehehe).

I made the labels using GIMP. And yes, I have absolutely no GIMP skillz.

I was going to cut down the paper so that it wouldn't look so messy on the back, but the kids decided that the white space was good for writing on, so... whatevs.

Logan will be giving his lemonade cup to his teacher on his last day of school in 2 weeks.  Lane gave hers away today and she was so excited. Teacher Sylvia is awesome. So awesome in fact that she gets to teach Lane again next year. Lane is still to young for kindergarten, so she'll be doing pre-school again next year, only in the afternoons this time and 4 days a week instead of 3. Yay!

(Feel free to laugh at and ridicule my pathetic attempt at making my own labels. I can take it.)

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DangAndBlast! said...

See, this is why I love your blog! Not only are you shaped like I am (well, a lot smaller, but same basic shape), so I can use pictures of you in commercial patterns as inspiration instead of trying to make dresses that would look great on my tiny-waist-big-hips mother (making your 1940s dress soon!), but you're a normal person, the kind who forgets that it's the last day of school instead of having things planned, labeled, and ready for months! :)