Monday, 10 June 2013

Pattern Sewing: Burda 7536

I don't normally sew from an actual pattern. I'm more of a "make it up myself" kinda girl. I wasn't so sure about making a jumpsuit though.

I should have trusted in myself because the pattern I used was really off. 

I mean really off.

I used Burda 7536. There wasn't much choice when it came to a jumper/romper type problem, so this was my only option.

Here is what it looked like on the pattern cover.  Cute huh?

After taking my measurements and figuring out what size the pattern told me I needed (and then realizing that I was no where near a size 18 anywhere but in my chest), I made some adjustments right away.

Then I got to sewing the actual jumper. And as I tried it on I realized that I would have a serious case of clown pants if I kept it the way the pattern was. So I downsized the shorts and the top drastically. The arm holes were literally open almost the my waist - they were so huge!

This is what I ended up with.

Not bad. The top was designed so that you could pull the jumper on easily, but then the front was wide open. I'm glad that I didn't use the crepe-ish fabric that the pattern suggested or it would have all hung out. At least this heavier cotton/poly knit had enough stiffness to it to stay closed reasonably well.

I still decided to wear a sports bra underneath so that I wouldn't give everyone a show wherever I went.  I think that I might get some bright blue button and sew a few button holes along the diagonal in the middle there to use as a closure. That way I was still get the darn thing on, but have more reassurance that my top won't break open at any moment.

Yeah... so I probably won't be sewing this one again. I think I have more confidence in coming up with something nicer on my own. Stay tuned for romper sewing round 2 in the near future!

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