Friday, 7 June 2013

Lane's Trip to the Farm

Lane's pre-school had a field trip to the farm yesterday. Daddy was along for the day and took tons of adorable photos of our big girl.

On her way - so excited I think she's gotta pee hehehe

In line for her first bus ride

Arrives at the farm

Commence petting every animal

Pony Ride!

Lane was so excited about riding a pony


And kitties and puppies

Huge tire tubes. Lane said they were really hot to touch

Hiding in them was a better idea

Milking a goat

Checking out the chickens

More bunnies


Near the end of the day - Lane's starting to look sleepy

What a great day! Lane was pooped afterwards but she didn't fall asleep on the bus ride home.

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This Mom said...

That looks like a really fun trip! Our kids live in the country so the farm isn't much of a novelty, but pony rides are definitely cool. Glad Lane and Daddy had a good time!