Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Iron Craft #12 - Picnics

The Iron Craft Challenge this week:

"challenge is to show us something you use, eat, play, etc.--at a picnic. It can be your grandma’s best fried chicken, your favorite picnic menu, a portable game you like to play with friends and family--anything like that" (courtesy of Elle's New England Kitchen) 

I just so happened to have bought some new patio/picnic furniture that was in desperate need of some new cushions to make the set complete.

I couldn't really think of anything else I needed for picnics (I have already sewn a picnic blanket, we were given picnic stuff one Christmas). And I was already thinking about making these cushions, so it was perfect timing!

Ta da!

Basically I just measured the surface area of the chairs and the bench and I cut 1 inch foam to fit. Then I cut the fabric with seam allowances and made a "bag" for the cushion to fit in. I also made a ruffle to go around the "bag."

Then I shoved the cushion in there and sewed up the back. Oh and I also put ribbons on the corners to tie the cushions down.

The fabric I chose was a specialty outdoor fabric with built in water resistance and some strain guarding. It's a little rougher than your regular cottons. It feels almost like thick canvas. Awesome and durable.

And the cushions are foldable enough to throw in the laundry when they get gross.

I woke up early one morning last week to the sound of rain and immediately freaked out about my cushions still being outside. They were fine, but I didn't have the heart to bring them into the shed because a little visitor was using them as a shelter.  hehehe. Bunny stayed there the entire day, so my cushions really got a water test!

They are Laney approved!

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kat said...

That fact you can wash them is great. My new cushions are yellow and I'm a little worried about that. Add three more bunnies & that would look like my backyard, my poor garden.