Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Iron Craft #11: Rainy Days

The challenge this week:

"Craft up something that makes you think of rainy days, whether it’s the clouds, color of the sky, or something you use on a rainy day." Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough


It's been rainy here in Winnipeg, so I had lots of inspiration.

And I gotta say that I came up with the project that takes it as best Iron Craft project I've ever completed.

You guys! I can paint! :O

I painted that!


I love Iron Craft for challenging us to go in a direction we never thought we'd try. I didn't particularly think about painting much before this. But when I read the challenge I immediately thought of this photo I pinned on Pinterest. I thought that I would love to have this pin as decor for my bedroom. Then I thought - why don't I try to paint it? That way I can use my own style and my own colour palette.

And then I did it! :O

It looks fantastic in our bedroom!

(Notice that it's the only decoration we have in our bedroom right now. We don't even have a headboard on our bed. Eeeps! That's why I hung it so high - I will eventually get a headboard to fit underneath there.)

So, some details and why this fits into the Rainy Days challenge:
This painting was inspired by a phenomenon on the prairies called a sun shower.  It's when it can be pouring rain outside and yet there is still a break in the clouds where the sun is shining through. It's absolutely beautiful. The sun bounces off the rain drops and creates a sparkling prism. You can look at a tree and on one side it's shady and blue/green and on the other, it's bright and yellow/orange.

I named this painting Sun Shower after this phenomenon. And I even signed it in the corner! EEEEE!!!!

To prove to you guys that I actually made this painting myself within the Iron Craft timeline - this is how it looked on May 21st.

Then I painted the tree. Let me tell you, every single time I put the brush to canvas was an agony. I don't have the heart to become a serious painter. It's so stressful! Each time I thought that I was going to screw it up. Each time I fretted over each placement of each bubble leaf. I worried about the colour mix of the acrylic paint I used. I had anxiety attacks over whether or not I was painting in a proper technique.

I've been watching a lot of Master Chef lately and the pro chefs were kicking people off for "too many technical errors" and I immediately thought that I would definitely be kicked off of Master Painter for too many technical errors.  But I kept going.

I started swirling leaves onto the painting. At first I started with bold colours and a large swirl. And gradually every day I would add some more colours getting lighter and smaller until I arrived at the finished product. I then painted around the edges in black so that I would have to frame it. I tried to make the black a little rough at the bottom to look like ground and smoother at the top. Then I sealed it with Mod Podge no less!

Terry says that this painting is a thousand times nicer than any we could have bought for the bedroom. I'll take that as a compliment even though I'm pretty sure in the back of his head he's thinking that the price tag is the main draw. This painting cost $40 worth of supplies (and probably about 3.7 years off my life for the stress).


To see all the Iron Crafters and their interpretations of rainy days please visit the Flickr Group.


kat said...

I would be totally stressing too, but you have inspired me. I saw a painting at a shop in Kilkenny Ireland that I thought would be perfect for my new bedroom so I'll have to give it a try.

Unknown said...

I have seen a version of the tree painting before, and yours turned out great! Sorry you found it stressful, though. Acrylic paint must be my medium. It's totally stress-free for me, unlike quilting. I'm still in awe of those house quilt blocks you made for the last challenge. I have been working on a very simple strip quilt for my son's room and it's been nothing but hassle. I almost have the front all pieced together--and I am happy with how it looks--, but it's been laying on my living room floor for a couple of days because I just can't figure out how I am going to quilt it without the thing ending up sideways and crooked. Pins I guess? Haha. I respected quilters before, but after wrestling with my queen-sized piece of irritation, you quilters have my utmost admiration. I think I just have to admit that I am not that good of a seamstress. You seem to have mastered multiple mediums. Great job!

Heidi-and-Seek said...

it's so pretty! Great job, I love that you have to separate colors together, very fun!