Thursday, 30 May 2013

School BBQ 2013

Last year after we went to the annual school BBQ the kids wouldn't stop talking about it.  So this year we knew they would be so excited to go.  And boy did they have a good time!

Some highlights:

Ketchup Face!

Seriously I'm trying to eat here.

Back from face paint

I'm a cute princess kitty

This slide is huge!

But my brother helped me slide down


Cotton Candy kids

Booger Wars!

Throw the bean bags until they stick to a vest

Galactus held her own against the big kids

Princess Daddy on the sidelines

Fire truck!

Firefighter Loags

Fire Fighter Lane
And Terry played around with his new phone and got a bit of a video from Booger Wars.

It was a fun evening!

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Heidi-and-Seek said...

This looks awesome!! What a fun day :)