Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Iron Craft #9: I've Got a Notion

This week's challenge was a fun one:

"Let’s do a materials challenge. This time we want you to source the supplies for your project in the sewing notions section of the craft store. We’re talking about buttons, bias tape, rick-rack, zippers, snaps, ribbons, trims and so on. Take one, two or more of these items and make them the star of your project." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I took my good ole Michael's coupon (and spent about a half hour deciphering when exactly I could use it and for what. Oy! They make those things impossible to redeem).  Anyway, I took my coupon and bought a pile of ribbon with it.  Then I went over to the dollar store and bought a whole bunch more to match (cuz you know the coupon wouldn't let me get that many without putting the kibosh on the whole thing).

And I made these!

Ribbon pouches!

A quick tutorial in photos for you who want to know how I made them:

- lots of different colours and sizes of ribbon (I prefer grosgrain because it's a bit thicker to work with)
- fusible interfacing - a rectangular scrap
- lining fabric - same size as interfacing
- a small piece of fusible webbing (wonder under or hem tape)
- a plastic snap
- a decorative button if you want

Time Needed:
- These took me about 2 hours each. The weaving is kind of time consuming.

Skill Needed:
- Basic, some sewing required.

1) A rectangle of fusible interfacing - glue side up. Cover with ribbon. Pin down onto cardboard (or directly on ironing board if you want).

2) Measure the short length on your rectangle. Cut several ribbons that size and pin to the fusible webbing in a row.  Iron with the paper backing on the other side.  Peel the paper backing off and cut the ribbons apart so that they are individual strands again.

3) Weave through the longer pinned ribbons and pin the ends.

4) Iron the fusible interfacing and the webbing on the ribbon down to make a piece of "fabric"

5) Cut the lining fabric to the same size as your new piece of ribbon fabric. Place the pieces right sides together. Sew along the two long edges and one short side. Turn right side out and press.

6) Fold the bottom (sewn) short piece up to make the right sides face each other about halfway up to make the bottom part of the pouch.  Sew along both edges. Turn right side out and press.

7) To make the flap I just folded the corners into the flap and sewed along the edges. I'm sure there is a better way, but this way worked fine.  You could also fold the edges into a flap shape on the outside and sew along the centre seam as well.

8) Apply snap.  For the pink and brown one I used a plastic CAM snap.  For the green one, I sewed a plastic snap onto it. Apply decorative button if you'd like.

Logan and Lane have already claimed these pouches and have been filling them with all sorts of treasures.  Yay!

To see all the other glorious "notions" from the Iron Crafters please visit the Flickr Group (haha see what I did there? Boo to bad puns.


Just Crafty Enough said...

Using fusible webbing is brillant.

playsculptlive said...

I love this, sounds simple the way you explain it but I get the feeling you've had practise at this. The pouches are super cute.