Thursday, 9 May 2013

How The Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Changed My Career Path


It happened in 2008. Sew Mama Sew was having their bi-annual giveaway day (er... week). I was just settling into being pregnant again and had some time on my hands to sit down and enter a pile of the giveaways.

And I won!

I won a set of mama cloth.

I did not even know what that was.  Maybe you don't either.

Mama cloth is handmade cloth pads and pantyliners.

I won some pantyliners in all sorts of sizes. I wish I had the website that I won them from. I tried searching for it, but it seems to have been offline for awhile now. (Edit****: There is a new person giving away some handmade mama cloth this time around yay! Check her out here.)


I waited until after Lane was born and then tried them out. Why not right? I am all for eco-friendly changes.

And let me tell you, they were fantastic! Especially since I was a girl who gets a rash from wearing any sort of plastic-ey manufactured stuff. 

I was encouraged to start making them for myself and to share my discovery with anyone who would listen.  So I figured it out and began sharing this revelation with anyone who would listen. And listen people did much to my surprise.

My version of mama cloth was well received. So much so that I started selling sets of my handmade versions.

And now the sets I sell are my biggest and best sellers.

I sew stacks and stacks of these things each week and will continue to do so into the future.

Thanks to Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day I am now known as the Pad Lady and have switched my career path to the "Pad Lady" track hehehe

Maybe next time I have a giveaway I should offer up a set of Tawny Bee pads and start the whole process again?

***** You can view my current stock of mama cloth in my Etsy shop here. ****


DangAndBlast! said...

Noticed someone else (think it's Yumiko, rabbit something-or-other in her blog name) offering them this time.

m hoch drei said...

What a great Story. !