Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Don't Tell Her It's a Baby Bonnet

Well... I give up! 

I decided to make a bonnet as Lane's summer hat again this year.

I know she's probably getting too big for the ole bonnet, but you see....

She has REALLY big hair!

I'm mean - really big!

Last year we tried a baseball cap.

This is what happened.

Her big hair would get all crazy and the hat wouldn't stay on. It would just pop off every time those curls had their way - which was all the time.

(That's us checking out the eclipse last year with our funky eclipse glasses if you're wondering)

In past years, the bonnet worked so nicely.

At the beach in 2010.

At the Red River Ex in 2011.

So here in 2013 we're hoping it will work again.  I let Lane pick out the Tinkerbell fabric and the purple and pink ribbon. It stays on in the wind with a cordlock and
her big hair is no match for the awesomeness of the bonnet.  Yay!

Just don't tell her that it's a baby bonnet!

If you'd like to make a bonnet for your little one I have the tutorial with free pattern download available:
In size 1
In size 2

Do you want it in size 3 - 4?  Now that I've made Lane's today, I could totally whip up the pattern if there is any interest?


DangAndBlast! said...

Well, we've made a couple for the kidlet already, and I suppose we'll keep doing it as she gets older, so, sure!

Youthful One said...

Well, as a matter of fact, I'm digging through all of your posts looking for larger sizes for my older girls. I know this post is over a year old, and I'm going to move along and see if you, in fact, already posted the larger-sized pattern somewhere. However, if you haven't, would you kindly do so, or email me?

The daughter that is most interested in one of these bonnets is just shy of 11 years old. :-P


Tawny said...

Hi Youthful One. Unfortunately, there wasn't much interest in me hashing out a pattern for any size bigger than 1 and 2 so I didn't bother to make a PDF. I actually have no idea if I even have a paper copy anywhere or if I just sized up in my head where to cut the fabric. Sorry. You might be able to size up from the size 2 by measuring your daughter and sorta fitting it from there. I will be revamping some of my new patterns and moving them to my main website, but I have no plans on doing that until at least September.