Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Don't Be a Liz

Participating in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway week is so much fun!

I freely admit that I've spent way too much time in front of the computer these past few days entering way too many giveaways (well... maybe not TOO many - there can never be TOO many right?)

A few years ago when I decided to participate with a giveaway of my own I went a little cray cray.  I actually thought that I could respond to each and every one of the comments on my blog with a sincere reply.  Yeah... well after about the 400th comment I quickly (well maybe quickly after 400 is not the proper word) changed my mind.

Anyway, while I was on this crazy mission, I came across a lovely entrant named Liz. At least that's what her email said that her blogger profile was called.  I quickly hit reply and started formulating a lovely response to her comment. That's when I realized that something was amiss.

Liz was a no-reply blogger.

My email program grabbed her name and put the no-reply address behind her name "Liz ("

Boo :(

And since my email program thinks it's smart, every single no-reply commenter is now labelled a "Liz" and that's what appears in the "from" column. Doesn't matter if you have a blogger profile name listed in your comment, it still comes up as Liz in the "from" column.


So I implore all of you who want an honest shot at winning some of the terrific prizes that are being given away - DON'T BE A LIZ. If you win and you're a Liz we won't be able to get a hold of you to let you know. And if you are a Liz then please put your email address in the comment somewhere. I've had almost a quarter of my comments come back as Lizes. EEEP!

There are ways to find out if you are a Liz - the easiest being to post a test comment on your own blog and see what comes back. There are other methods that you can Google I'm sure. 

Signs that you may be a Liz:

1) You may be a Liz if: You recently switched your blogger profile to Google+ (I did this once and ended up losing my entire blog for 3 days - so maybe being a Liz isn't so bad)

2) You might be a Liz if you don't receive any responses to any of the comments you place on your beloved blogs (starting to think you are hearing crickets on the Internet?)

3) You might be a Liz if you have awesome dance moves like this:


Friends don't let friends be Lizes.


Unknown said...

Haha! GREAT way to put it for people! Good luck in the Giveaway - Carrie

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said...

Glad I'm not Liz! This cracked me up...great dancing pic! I know I'm not a Liz because I can't dance like that!