Monday, 1 April 2013


Wow! Has it ever been a whirlwind week for us here at the Team LT household.

At the beginning of last week, Terry found out about a new job opening posted within his government department.  He immediately applied for it.  It was a serious promotion with a serious pay hike.

He prepped for the interview right away.  The position was going to be filled immediately because the person previously in the job was leaving and they had yet to find a suitable replacement. 

There were tons of things we had to discuss and decisions to be made because when Terry got back from his interview - they offered him the job! :D :D :D


Team LT is moving.

All the way to Whitehorse Yukon.


Did you even know that Canada had an Agriculture position way up there?


Just look at this place:


I'm excited.  A new place, new surroundings. 

I'm so glad that Tawny Bee is mostly online, so it's easily transportable.  My heart stuff might be a bit of an obstacle.  We'll have to go to Edmonton as it's the closest city with a congential heart clinic, but we'll figure it out.

And with Terry working for the government, of course they are paying for the move.  Yay!

We'll be packing up immediately and moving by the end of the month. I'll miss you all....


Oh my gosh....


Were you buying any of that?

Did you really think we would move to a place that doesn't have a 7-Eleven?  I can't live without my Slurpees.



Gotcha! (or not... but at least I amused myself for about 5 minutes).


Nancy Blokland said...

I think going back to the Slurpees has made you cruel!! I was already sad before I got to the end of the post. Adventures are great, but glad for all of Winnipeg that team LT is not going anywhere.

DangAndBlast! said...

Still a month behind in my feed reader, so reading these in May has made several April Fools jokes really take me in!