Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring Jackets

As you may have figured from my last "prank" post, I'm in a mean mood.

As any parent who has just been through the final potty training push with their little one can tell you, it puts you in a surly temperament.

But it's done and little Laney is now potty trained fully.  Terry of course is over the moon about this fact because he's the diaper purchaser in this house and he's gonna have a tidy bonus in his pay check now that he doesn't have to buy the money sucking things.

And spring is still not here....

But here are some pretty spring coats that I just finished making for the kids.

I let the kids wear their jackets outside for about 10 minutes in order to snap a few photos, but it's still winter coats and mitts and hats weather around here.

I made both jackets using patterns from my new favourite sewing book: Sewing Clothes Kids Love.


 Logan's is the Silver Lake jacket pattern.  It has four pockets along the bottom on the outside and then a media pocket on the sleeve for iPods etc. Terry just got a new cell phone and gave his old iPhone to Logan to play games on.  So there's been plenty of excitement about putting the phone in the media pocket. :)

 The outside is made from plaid suiting and an olive twill.  The inside lining is made from a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bed sheet.  I was so happy when I found it at the Thrift Store. I couldn't resist adding it to Logan's jacket.

I ordered a large TMNT patch to go on the back of the jacket as well.  Now if it would only warm up a bit. Logan has been bugging me to let him wear it to school to show his friends.  

Lane's spring jacket is the Avalon Jacket pattern.

The pattern had instructions to line the jacket so I went with that.  I used a blue Strawberry Shortcake fabric on the outside and a vintage pink canvassy type Strawberry Shortcake fabric for the inside to give it some weight.

The back is decorated with sparkly pastel lace and yellow pom pom trim.

I opted for Velcro closure so that it's easy for Lane to put on all by herself.  She still has trouble with zippers, buttons or snaps.  I sewed a few strawberry and a few flower buttons on the front as a faux closure.

Lane's such a ham that she just has to pose with her spring jacket on.

And pose with a smile.


And pose with the perfect accessories.  Hehehe.

  So hurry up Spring!  The kids are ready!

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