Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sewing The Boring Stuff

Sometimes you just gotta sew the boring stuff.

Things like this happen when the weather refuses to warm up, the boy refuses to stay one size, and you're got the beginnings of a doozy of a headcold.

Cuz you know... boring sewing motivators come in 3s.

Last year at this time, Logan was starting to move into wearing shorts.

This year... too cold... yet he keeps growing.  I was hoping the current set of cold weather pants would last him until warmer weather peeked in, but it just isn't happening. His ankles are starting to make an appearance at the bottoms of nearly every single pair of his pants. 

So... I sew pants.

Boring ass pants.

They do have the fabric going for them.  This is the last of the fabric I used to make his cool spring jacket. I just eeked out enough to make him a pair of pants.  Couldn't even line up the plaids. But since the boy is still growing and growing and growing, I'm sure he'll only get to wear these a few weeks before warm shorts weather and by the time September rolls around, he won't fit into them anymore anyway.

Transition pants... boring ass transition pants.  That's what I'm calling them hehehe.

I think I may be a little dizzy and ill from all that Sinus medication I'm taking for this headcold.  Boring ass transition headcold.



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