Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Iron Craft #8 - Playtime

This week's challenge:

"Let’s embrace the child in all of us. Make a toy, something using toys, or something inspired by a toy." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


So... I did the unthinkable.... the most excruciating thing you can do... the most miserable task in the whole friggin world:

I went into the kids' playroom....

And I cleaned it up!


I purged precious art work the kids have been stocking up on. I put precious toys in the donation bin. I tore down the kids' tent in the middle of the room along with all the "things" they had pinned to it, stuffed into it and laying around it.

I know what you're thinking... what on earth would possess me to this unnatural act?

Well, you see, the kids don't play with that tent anymore. Grandma had given them the tent poles and the joint balls for Christmas two years ago. I just placed vintage sheets over top of the tent to make it a truly awesome fort for awhile. But now, the kids have outgrown their attachment to it and have worked around it for the past few months.

Their obsession with tents and forts hasn't diminished though, so I cleaned it all up to make way for this:

Built in one corner of the playroom - a fairy house for Lane.

And in another corner - a forest house for Logan.


I used those poles and joints from Grandma's tent present to make the pyramid top. I attached string to the top joint and tied it to the ceiling joints and then put the ceiling tiles back in place. 

I ran to the Thrift Store and picked up any large piece of glittery/gauzy-ish fabric I could find for cheap and draped it over the pyramid tops. I then tacked it all in place with a few carefully placed thread ties. 

You can see that Logan has already put stuff in his forest house. You never know when you might need a few blocks out in the wilderness :P

We then went to the Dollar Store to pick up some plastic vines, flowers and this lovely plastic lizard to finish the effect.

The kids have been happily playing in their new tents all week. And since they are in a corner, there is still an entire room to mess up in between.

And the best part is that when they tire of them, there are only a few thread ties to take out and I can use the fabric for the next project. Yay! 

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kat said...

Great reuse of the tent parts!