Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Iron Craft #7: Ethnic Crafts

This week's challenge:
"For this challenge you are to create something dedicated to, or inspired by, a country other than your own. You have the widest latitude here. It could be a craft from another country: Like Origami. Kirigami or Washi Dolls from Japan; it could be an inspiration based on something popular in another country--like Delft Blue and White from the Netherlands; OR it could be something based on the culture of another country: Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations." (courtesy of NY Star Cards)

I had a ton of things that I wanted to try but got distracted by making dress up clothes for the kids.  I did, however accept a tiny custom order from a neighbour who wanted a gift for a dear friend of hers.  And the item I came up with just happens to be Asian inspired.

Hmmmmm... you might call that cheating a bit since I am half Chinese.  But it says in the challenge "inspired by a country other than your own," and I am firmly entrenched here in Canada not China ... so....

Anywho, here is what I came up with:

A tiny teardrop handbag.

I have been meaning to make up this pattern for awhile.  Like I was going to make one for myself out of the blue brocade I used to make my wedding dress out of - yeah that long ago. I never did get around to it.  But my neighbour asked me to make a tiny purse to house a charm that she had bought for a friend of hers. Not any cute purse would do for such a special gift. It needed to have character!

The Strawberry Shortcake fabric you may have seen before because I used it to make Lane's spring coat.  It was requested because the gift receiver really loves Strawberry Shortcake (and still sleeps on a pillow case made from this character's themed fabric that she's had since she was little - or so I hear anyway).

It was a strange way to put together a little purse because I had to sew the zipper in sideways in order to make the bag turn into that cute teardrop shape.

The Asian inspired tassel I made myself using some red nylon that I had leftover from tying macrame covered hangers.  I think it adds the perfect touch on the bottom of the bag.

To see what all the other Iron Crafters created for this challenge please check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

What a clever design shape. When I see the strawberry shortcake I start wondering is the fabric is scented ;)