Thursday, 18 April 2013

Exercise Mat and Bag

I started my exercise classes again this season. Normally I only do a Monday evening one and it's in a school gym that has access to exercise mats.  This round though I started a Thursday evening class as well. It's at the kids' school (so close to home - yay!) but doesn't have access to exercise mats.  The janitorial staff is in a state of change and so we are required to bring out own exercise mat.

Now I could have gone out and bought a portable, light, yoga mat for $20+. 


I would rather have something one of a kind and not made of cheap foam.

So I made myself one.

I made the top using only scrap fabric. The quilt block pattern is called Lightening Bolt.  I figured that was appropriate enough for exercising. Maybe it will summon up some energy in me after a tough workout.

The kids had some play tents that broke that I scavenged the nylon fabric for the back from. The nylon gives the mat a bit of a stick on the gym floor so it doesn't move around very much.

What I love about it is that it's fully washable unlike those store bought foamy ones (which I'm guessing you'd have to hose down or something after getting it all dusty on some school gym floor?)

And it's easily rolled up and transported to and from classes.

Of course, after I made this mat, I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have a cool bag to transport it in?"

So I made one of those as well!

Remember my mini duffel?  The one that I've carried around with me for almost two years now? My very favourite purse! Well... I used the pattern for the mini duffel (slightly enlarged) to make this medium duffel. :D

Again, I only used scrap fabric. This time in shades of red.

It's big enough to fit my new exercise mat, my exercise bands, my weights, a water bottle and towel.  Sweet!

I'll definitely be bringing this to class tonight. yay!

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