Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: Body Image

Maybe because it's been months and months of endless snow and gloom here in Winnipeg, or maybe it's just the after Christmas/waitingforanotherholiday blues, but I've been having some serious body image issues these past few weeks.

So I'm going to try something that I've seen somewhere (probably on Pinterest) to help make myself feel better and perhaps have a record to read back on when this happens to me next year in March and the next year and the next year as it always has done and probably will always do.

Forgive my weepy sentimentality for this post please.

I am going to list all the things that are bugging me about myself and try to find the positive in each and every irksome quality that I hate.

Here goes.....

1) I'm 166 lbs
Those lbs over there should remind me of the wonderful Christmas I spent with my family enjoying great food and cheer.
Those lbs over here should remind me of the fun times I had trying and then trying again to make the perfect spinach dip recipe - I totally nailed it!

2) The pimple on my forehead
That should remind me that my period is coming, and although that's not really a thing to celebrate in itself, it does represent my search for an alternative to store bought plastic period accessories that led me to making my own mama cloth, which then led me to the ability to help other women in their search (and make a few bucks!)

3) Those stretch marks on my thighs
They should remind me that I nurtured and gave birth to 2 wonderful children whom I wouldn't trade for two of the most perfect pre-stretch mark thighs in the world.

4) I'm 36 years old
I should remind myself that my life didn't exactly start with the grandest hopes of old age. Each year is one more year than I was supposed to have in the first place.

5) those crappy wrinkles on my face
They should remind me of the times I laughed so hard that I cried at all the crazy stunts Terry pulls (like cock pics - he knows what I'm talking about) or the silly stuff the kids do (like Laney putting the word "you" in front of every word - guitar is youtar, forgot is yougot to her and her poor friend Natasha is now Youtasha - weirdo!)

6) those nasty grey hairs poking out of my head
Those buggers should remind me that I got them when I was busy researching and fretting over the new lives I was bringing into the world, or the stress I was feeling while working on getting my dreams to become a reality.

7) my creaky body that pops and aches all winter
Two years ago I didn't even feel all that arthritis that was building up in my body because I didn't have the circulation to feel any of it.  With this new valve, my heart has shrunk down to normal size and I'm actually getting normal circulation for the first time in my life (which means I can actually feel other things that are awesome as well - *wink* *wink*)

Notice I didn't say my scars - cuz I've been dealing with that demon for so long that it's really become on non body issue with me.  Yay!

So that's me.

All the bad stuff.

All the good stuff.


I do feel a bit better.

And also.... I got nice junk :P

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Heidi-and-Seek said...

I blame it on the weather entirely!! It brings everything down. I recently tried a 3-day cleanse and only made it to 2 was awful. And it reminded me how much I love food. So I guess I'll just have to try to exercise more.
You're very brave for sharing this, I think it's a great exercise to point out the positive things within negative things. thanks for the challenge :)