Monday, 4 March 2013

Macrame Monday: How To Heart Shaped Friendship Bracelets

For an Iron Craft challenge I figured out the pattern for heart shaped friendship bracelets using micro macrame.

Today I'll give you a sort of tutorial to show you how to make your own.

You can see that I found two colours with an alternating coloured pattern to work the easiest.

You might want to open your Chevron Friendship Bracelet tutorial (or download the handy handout that I posted last week).  The heart shaped pattern is based on this basic idea.

Instead of 3 colours, you will want to chose 2 colours that are contrasting.  The more different they are in colour, the more your hearts will stand out.

Instead of measuring 2 of each colour like for the Chevrons, you will measure 3 strands of each colour the same length as it says for the Chevrons.  Fold these over your pencil and knot them with an overhand knot.

If you want to add beads to your bracelets, then add a large bead at the top now.

There isn't really a good way to separate the strands.  Just make sure there are 3 strands of each colour on the left and right side.  Choose a colour to start with.  Use that colour to tie two rows of knots the same as you would for Chevrons.  So you're tying from the left into the centre, and then the right into the centre and then knotting the middle with the two thread you just used for a finished row.

After that you can follow this pattern:

The X's and O's represent your two colours.  I modified this pattern slightly by tying two solid rows at the beginning and end of each "panel."

Warning: You'll have to force the colours to tie where you want them.  Always try to grab the colour you need from the closest available thread in the row and pull it behind your work to the thread you are tying on.  Sometimes you will find that you need to switch colours and want to use the thread you just tied on - that's fine.

For example, you're tying three green threads for the top of the heart.  At the end of these 3 knots, you find that you just tied the green on a black thread.  You need that black thread to tie the next 2 knots for the top of the heart.  Use it.  It would be considered the closest available thread.

Don't worry, it'll make more sense once you get going.  I'm so sorry for being so confusing.  I tried 2 or 3 of these bracelets before I could figure it all out.  But now it works every time just fine.

After tying one heart panel, you can add a row of beads to separate the pattern.  Switch the colours and start tying with the one you used for your heart as background this time.  Keep alternating until you get your desired length.

Add a big bead on the bottom, tie it off and braid the tail into two strands.

Pretty aren't they?


Heidi-and-Seek said...

wow! That looks like a lot of work, how long does one take usually?

Tawny said...

Hi Heidi! Yeah they take a little time... When I first started tying them they took about 2 and a half hours each. Now I've got it down to about 40 minutes per bracelets depending on how many beads I try to put on them. :)

Ale jc said...

ohhh I do adore these