Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Iron Craft #5: Green or "Green"

This week's challenge:

"For challenge #5 we are giving you a theme that can be taken in two ways, Green. You can do a project that uses the color green, perhaps even something for St. Patrick’s Day. Or you can think of the word green in the eco-friendly way and make something using something you might otherwise throw away or even something that helps you be more earth friendly." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I was going to make a new spring coat for Logan - but I got sidetracked by potty training.

So I went with it and made some new potty trainers for Lane.

It took awhile to develop a pattern and get the sizing just right, but we finally came up with a "green" alternative to those awful plastic-y store bought pull ups.

I took all my experience sewing mama cloth (cloth pads and pantyliners) and converted it into trainers sewing.

These pinks ones were the first prototypes.

I experimented with different binding.  I like the lingerie binding a lot more, but it is expensive and not readily available.  In other words, it's OK for Laney's trainers, but not for the ones I put in the Tawny Bee shop. :)


 As with the mama cloth, I put 4 layers of absorbent bamboo along the centre. Lane and I did a test and it can hold about a half a cup of liquid before leaking through.  Damn! That stuff is absorbent, light, soft and has a natural anti-bacterial agent to it.  Perfect for these trainers.

After I finished sewing some for Lane, I started working on some for the shop.


And then more....


And more...


I even tried some made out of outgrown baby pajamas for an added "Green" component.  Yay!


I'll be sewing more of these to stock the shop full.  If you're interested in seeing the entire line of L'il Bee Trainers you can find them here.

Thank you to Iron Craft for kicking me in the butt this week and making me focus on the design and creation of these trainers.  I've been talking about getting down to work on these for months now and Iron Craft was definitely a good reminder to actually do it!

And wouldn't  you know, not one of these "green" trainers were made using green coloured fabric.  Oooops! hehehhe

To follow all of the Green or "Green" Iron Craft projects, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

So glad we gave you that little kick in the butt. That happens to me a lot with these challenges too. You did go crazy with these, I hope they are a big seller.