Monday, 11 February 2013

Macrame Monday: 3' Plant Hanger

Remember the pretty plant hanger that I made last year for our very awesome fern plant?

Well, the plant is thriving so much that it's grown and grown to the point where the various leaves are bonking Terry on the head as he heads down the stairs. :(

So I decided to make a shorter plant hanger to raise the fern up enough to grow and grow and grow and grow....


The photo above is the finished product before I put the fern in.

Finished Length - 3 to 4 feet

Supplies Needed:
42 yards of macrame rope
1 metal ring (2 inches round)
4 bits (or scraps) of macrame rope or yarn for the bows in a matching or contrasting colour
1 11 - 13 inches pot

Skill Needed:
Beginners macrame (knowledge of crown knot and half a square knot to make a half knot twist)

Time Needed:
This one took me a couple of afternoons (not much time at all)

Step One:
Cut 8 cords measuring 5 yards each, and 2 cords 1 yard each.

Step Two:
Fold the 5 yard cords over the ring. Tie a 1.5 inch wrap using a 1 yard cord

Step Three:
Separate cords into 4 groups of 4 cords each and tie 4 inches of crown knots. Remember the crown knot that I taught you how to tie in the last macrame Monday? I told you we'd need it! :)

Step Four: 
To complete each sinnet, tie 4 square knots.  Skip 6 inches and tie 12 half knot twists (a half knot twist is just the first half of the square knot over and over again). Tie a coloured scrap cord in a bow for decoration at this point. Choose the 2 longest cords to tie with and tie 12 more half knot twists. Skip 6 inches and tie 2 square knots.  Repeat with the other three sinnets.

Step Five:
To make basket, skip down 4 inches and tie a row of alternating square knots.  Skip down 3 inches more and tie a row of alternating square knots.

Step Six:
Using the 1 yard cord, tie a wrap directly below the last row of square knots.  Trim tail to desired length.

As you can see, my fern is a little out of control.  You can't even see the finished plant hanger!


 It is very pretty though isn't it?

And now because that tutorial was so short, I'll tell you a little story:

So I got caught up on the phone the other day by one of those "survey" people.  I answered their stupid little survey because I was trying to be nice to the poor girl stuck phoning people.  After the survey was over she said "And for filling out our survey you are now entered into a draw blah blah blah."

Crap.  I didn't want to be entered into a draw.  You know that's just gonna be a scam and that everyone wins this draw right?  So of course they phone back a couple of days early and say "you've won our daily draw" uh huh... you can imagine my surprise.  Anyway, they wanted to give me a Slap Chop if I sat through someone trying to sell one of their clean air systems.

Terry broke our first Slap Chop, so I thought, why not? It's not like we're going to buy the thing anyway.  How bad could it be?  Yeah... our entire Saturday morning was taken up by a friggin vaccuum salesperson.  Can you believe that?  A good ole fashioned, door to door type vacuum salesperson.  Oy!

She talked and talked and talked for an hour and a half about how wonderful her clean air system was.   And then she told us that we could have the thing for like $4000.  Yeah....

The entire time she was going through her spiel I kept thinking, hasn't this girl ever heard of a good ole house plant?  I mean really.  For the low low price of $16.99 we bought this crazy ass fern that keeps growing and growing.  Look at all those leaves!  Each one of them are busy taking our yucky air and turning it into beautiful fresh air just the same as her purifying system. 

Needless to say, I now have a Slap Chop and and fern and no air purifier/vacuum. :)

The perfect air purifier!

And the perfect air purifier holder!

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Heidi-and-Seek said...

Wow, great job! I have never tried macrame but it looks like you know what you're doing ;)