Monday, 4 February 2013

Lane's Pretty Pink Princess Party Dress

Lane didn't want to be left out of all this sewing I've been doing for the kids lately.  Logan got new curtains and she demanded that she have a pretty pink princess party dress.

I was very excited to get Sewing Clothes Kids Love for Christmas this year.


Anyway, there is a dress in there called the Feliz Party Dress.  And that was the pattern I chose for Lane's party dress.

A little bit of a warning before I show you the final result:

I am not responsible if your ovaries are suddenly put on hyper overdrive when you see the following photos.  I am also not responsible if you suddenly develop the following symptoms after looking at these adorable photos:
- a sudden fondness for pink
- a want to stop and smell the roses
- an urge to braid someone's hair
- the addition of tiaras to your daily wardrobe
- the throwing of little girl princess parties just so that you can see all the pretty dresses
- a massive desire to dress like a 3 year old in the hopes that you'll be this cute as well

 Don't say I didn't warn you! :P

It's winter here, so of course Lane had to pose with a yellow top and purple jogging pants underneath her new spring dress.

The back ties with a big bow.

I put so much rick rack on the entire dress.  And used 4 different fabrics from the Sunny Happy Skies line of fabric by Riley Blake Designs fro Bella BLVD.

Lane wore it to pre-school the very next day and showed all of her little friends that she looked just like a princess.

And she insisted on posing on the chair to make herself look just right for the photo hehehe.

A closer up view of the back.

A closer up view of the front.

In action pose of the front. I'd say she likes it!

And an in action pose of the back.



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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

mine would never wear dresses or let me braid her hair, sob....

but Lane looks awesome! what a wonderful mama you are for sewing this for her