Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday

I've been busy working on lots of projects for the kids this month. I love having a bit of a break from sewing stock for Tawny Bee at the beginning of the year so that I can catch up on all the things my kids need.

Logan needs curtains in his room.  The ones that were in there when we bought the house were definitely not nice for a little boy's room.  I'm going to fix that.

I've been laying out the patchwork and sewing together the panels.

His new curtains are going to be made out of Cat in the Hat fabric, with a vintage Cat in the Hat bed sheet that I found at the Thrift store as backing.  I also found some nice red and white striped fabric that is acting as filler because I don't have quite enough of the Cat in the Hat stuff to complete two full panels.

I'm at a standstill with that project for now because I'd like to sew some ric rac onto the patchwork seams for some added decoration, but I haven't made it out to the fabric store yet.

My joints have been taking a beating this week since the windchill temperature outside has dipped to the -40s C. Bleh.  This is the first time since my surgery that it's gotten this cold and I had no idea that my body would react the way it did.  I have had improved circulation,which is awesome because I can feel things again, but not so awesome when you can feel the chill down in your deepest joints.  I feel like a creaky old man. My wonderful husband has been working from home all week in order to pick up the kids from school, because the minute I step outside, the corkscrew holding my chest together starts hurtin and I start wheezing.  Yuck!

So while I'm waiting for it to warm up enough to drive to the fabric store, I started on a project for Lane. 

The Feliz Party Dress from the book I got for Christmas called Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

Has anyone tried this pattern?  I'm excited to make Lane such a pretty dress.  She has been really big into really girlie things lately and insists on having a dress fit for a princess - in pink of course!

What's everyone working on this week?  Are you catching up on anything?  Both of my kids are going through a growing spurt this week, so I'll be sewing a ton of sew pajamas and pants and tops for both in the near future for sure!

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