Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Best of 2012 (And All Time Just For Kicks)

I admit - this year I haven't been concentrating on the blog like I should.  I haven't had many tutorial or crafty posts.  And I haven't been writing as regularly as I used to.

I promise to put more focus on the blog for 2013. 

Since there weren't very many crafty posts for 2012, I won't break the top 5 up into "Crafty" and "Family" - I'll just go with the Top 5 read posts from 2012:

5) 800th Post! Logan's Upcycled Baby Clothes Quilt (283 views)  
posted on February 6th, 2012

4) Macrame Monday: Beaded Chinese Braid (332 views) posted on February 20th, 2012

3) Macrame Monday: Plant Hanger (384 views) posted on January 9th, 2012

2) May Giveaway Day with Sew Mama Sew (1,193 views) posted on May 20th, 2012

1) Macrame Monday - How To: Macrame Sandals (2,927 views)
posted on May 7th, 2012


Hmmm... Ok, so every post in the top five was a crafty post anyway.  And you guys really really really like Macrame.

I promise that I will bring back Macrame Mondays starting this coming Monday with a pattern that I have for a small plant hanger. :D


And now, just for kicks, here are the all time top 5 posts from the blog:

5) Sweater Boots! Upcycled Project (3,765 views) posted on November 7th, 2010

4) Macrame Monday: The Ultimate Scrapbuster Rug (4,092 views)
posted on November 14th, 2011

3) How To: Laney's Emergency Summer Hat (9,465 views) posted on May 6th, 2010

2) Squidward Costume: Fait Accompli (15,417 views) posted on October 25th, 2010

1) Angry Birds: The Coasters (16,338 views) posted on April 7th, 2011


Hmmm... again all crafty posts! 

So you want more crafty eh? 

I think I can oblige!

Stay tuned in 2013 for a resurgence of creative thinking! :D


PrairiePeasant said...

Wow, you get a lot of views on your blog! Your blog is always a good read--I appreciate your humour, honesty and creativity, and everything you bring to the blog to make it a great place to visit. All the best for 2013!

PrairiePeasant said...

p.s. and I may just copy your idea for the best of the year post!