Saturday, 5 January 2013

Project: A Patchwork Wallet

A couple of months ago I tried to make my own patchwork wallet.  It turned out OK.  I used it for awhile, but I was never able to get the card slots perfect.  The cards would fall out.  It was also hell on my sewing machine.  I broke several needles trying to sew through all the layers I had invented.

I definitely was ready for a new wallet.  I searched on Etsy but couldn't find any patchwork wallets that I liked (or the ones I did like didn't ship to Canada).  I guessed that I would have to make myself one.  But I really didn't want my head to explode trying to come up with the perfect pattern.

So I bought a fantastic pattern from NapKittenPatterns on Etsy.

And my wallet turned out so nice!

My friend Ashlee from Smash Knits gave me a big box of scrap fabric that she couldn't use anymore.  I was able to use some of it to make this wallet.

The cover is made from "Dysfunctional Family" by Michael Miller. It sports a comic book family with sayings like "Don't make me come in there!" and "Benji! Don't pee in the pool!" hahahaha.  The closure is blue with big red polka dots.

Inside there is a whole section for card slots.  This wallet has 27 spots for cards.  I don't even have enough to fill them all, but they are sure handy to have.

It also has a zippered coin pouch.

And a few longer pockets for receipts and coupons.

I forgot to take a photo of the cash pocket along the back, but it is lined with watermelon fabric (which I love love love!)

Isn't it fantastic?  I've already received some compliments on it from the post office lady, and Terry.  Hey - I take what I can get!  I think it's unique and really cool.  Too cool in fact for me to have - but I'm going with it.  Maybe it'll make me cooler by osmosis?

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