Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Magic Wands All Around

A little while ago I bought a magic wand from the dollar store for Lane.  She loved how sparkly it was and played with it A LOT.  So of course it broke. 

And not in a way that I could repair.

Poor Lane.

Until mommy broke out a dowel and all the sparkly glittery crap she could find and made a new (stronger) one.

Ta da!

Lane decided that the wand needed to be a butterfly wand this time since her last one was a star.

I got some blue sequins fabrci from Ruth awhile back and haven't figured out what I should do with it yet.  A magic wand was just the thing.  That along with ribbon, sequins trim, pom poms, lace and some plastic heart decorations made quite the glittery explosion. Laney loves it!

And not to be outdone by his sister, Logan totally needed one as well.  I knew that once he got home from school, he would insist on having his very own.

But not as sparkly.

So I made him a boy wand .... or sceptre... since that sounds more manly.

A three eyed, buggy monster sceptre.

With a little glitter in the form of gold sequins, cuz Logan would be upset if it didn't have some sparkle.

And the coveted pom pom trim. Logan has been bugging me to make him something with the left over pom pom trim from all those Christmas quilts since I put it away a month ago.  

Lane has been turning us all into newts ever since that new wand was put into action yesterday.

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