Monday, 14 January 2013

Magic Mirrors

There is an old Sailor Moon mirror at Lane's pre-school that she absolutely loves.  She's named it the magic mirror and is always trying to find it when she's at school.  It seems to always be stashed somewhere - in a dress up purse, in the bin with the toy food, in with the blocks.  Lane makes it her mission to find it and play with it whenever she gets a chance.

So when the latest Craft Caravan craft came in the mail, Lane was super pumped.  It contained all the supplies to make a magic mirror for home! EEEEE!!!

In case you don't know about Craft Caravan, here's some info:

Lane and Logan received a kids craft club subscription from their cousins for Christmas.
Each month in the mail there will be an envelope full of crafty goodies just for kids with a theme and instructions on how to make the craft.
Here's their website.
Thank you to Devin and Caitlyn for enrolling the kids in the club.  They love it so much.  Not only do they get mail addressed to them in the box each month, but they get to craft craft craft, which is their very favourite activity! It was a perfect gift.

So back to the magic mirror.

Lane and I sat down and made one this morning.

Dun dun dun... Lane is wielding her new magic mirror.  Watch out!

She is currently using the magic mirror as a magic mirror, a stop and go sign, and a flower (there is a yellow circle of paper on the back that makes it look like a flower). She also has informed me that it's going to school with her tomorrow for show and tell.

Logan came home from school for lunch and insisted that we make his tonight.  The great thing about the supplies package is that there are tons of different shapes and papers for gluing, so that we can make a bit more boy-ish magic mirror for Logan.  There is also a square mirror that we will be making into something fabulous at a later date.  Gotta space the crafting out a little to survive until the next envelope arrives in the mail. :)


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what an awesome gift!

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