Monday, 7 January 2013

Macrame Monday: Pattern for a Small Plant Hanger

Isn't this a cute little macrame plant hanger?

I'm going to grow an indoor herb garden and I made this to plant the mature herbs in once they get to that point. I plan on making 4 or 5 more and hang them next to one another all along my kitchen windows.  Won't that look fantastic?

Want to make your own?

Pattern for a mini macrame plant hanger:

Finished length: 24"

Time Needed:
- It took me two evenings to make the first one. About 3 or 4 hours.

Skill Needed:
- Medium skill.  You need to know half knots twists (those are half square knots), the square knot and the Josephine knot.

Supplies Needed:
- 25 yards of yarn (I used cheap yarn from the thrift store.  You're not knitting with it, so that stronger and rougher, the better. You can also use string or thin jute)
- One 1" ring
- One 4" diametre pot or glass bowl (or coffee mug if you so choose)

Step One:
Cut 8 cords measuring 3 yards each, and 1 cord 1 yard long. Fold the 3 yard cords over the ring.

Step Two:
Using any 4 of the 16 cords, tie 1 1/2" of half knot twist (those are the first part of the square knot over and over again) over the rest of the cords.

Step Three:
Divide the cords into 4 groups of 4 cords each. Tie 1" of half knot twist with each group.

Step Four:
Alternate cords, skip down 1 1/2" and tie a Josephine Knot with each new group.

Step Five:
To complete each group: Skip down 2" and tie 2" of half knot twist. Switch cords using an X pattern switch (basically that means take the outer two cords and put them in the middle. The middle two cords end up on the outside). Then tie 4" more of half knot twist

Step Six:
After completing step 5 with each group, you are ready to form the basket. Alternate the cords, skil down 3 1/2" and tie a row of Josephine knots. Alternate again, skip 2" and tie a row of square knots.

Step Seven:
Use the 1 yard cord to tie a wrap directly below the square knots.

Step Eight:
Trim the tail to a desired length and tie an overhand knot in the end of each strand.

Ta da! Done!

Now go and make more!  Or at least that's what I'll be doing.  I'll definitely keep you up to date with the indoor herb garden progress.


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