Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Iron Craft #26: Holiday Sparkle

The last Iron Craft Challenge for 2012 was:

"We’ve done it, we’ve made it to the last challenge of a second year of Iron Craft. I feel like making it to the end deserves a celebration with lots of sparkle and glitter. So, that is your challenge, make something that catches the light, something that shiny, something that sparkles…" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


Ta Da!

Pretty sparkly balls!

The doorway to our hall was looking a little unfestive. :( So I made three pretty decorations.

They are basically a piece of silver fabric wrapped around a styrofoam ball.  I then added a tassel on the bottom and some gold tulle on the top.  I made the rose from a piece of maroon coloured fabric.  The hanging is just the rest of the tassel thread through the entire thing.

I still have huge blank red walls, but at least the entryway looks nice.


To view all the other Iron Crafters' sparkly projects, please visit the Flickr Group.

And to all of those who are wondering, I will be participating in Iron Craft 2013.  Can't wait to get started!

1 comment:

kat said...

That is fabric around styrofoan?! It looks really great, I thought they were metal or plastic balls.