Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Iron Craft #2: Orange

This week's challenge:

"We had done a lot of color challenges through the two years of Iron Craft, but we’ve never done the color Orange. So, make something that uses the color orange OR actually uses oranges. It’s such a warm, happy color and I can’t wait to see what you all do with it." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


Um.... did someone say orange?


Orange is my favourite colour!


So of course I had no idea where to begin.  *sigh*

I thought about what I wanted to do.  I couldn't come up with anything.  So I thought about what orange materials I could use.  I remembered that in a bag full of gingham from the thrift store, I found a piece of weird 80s orange Hooters fabric of all things.  It must have got stuck in there.

What the heck could I do with this piece of weird fabric?

That is when Terry started complaining about our old creaky side door.  It lets in a pretty goodly amount of cold air.  Bleh.  And since it was super cold these past few weeks in Winnipeg, something needed to be done.

A mighty orange door snake to the rescue!!!!!

I gathered up as much orange fabric as I could and then looked in one of my quilting books for a block that would look sorta like a snake.

I found the Jitterbug block.


Kinda came out looking snakish didn't it?  Even with the Hooter's owls in there hehehe

I made a bunch of these blocks and then sewed them together into the snake tube.  I stuffed it with stuffing and bits of scrap fabric mostly.

And then it went into the place between our outer side door and our inner side door.

We don't use this door in the winter, so it's safe to stay there until summer.  Hopefully it'll do it's job and keep the cold breeze from wafting down our stairs to the rec room where we all hang out.

Do you use door snakes/logs to keep the draft out of your house?  They work wonders for those of us who can't afford a new door.


To see all the the Iron Crafts and their orange creations, please visit the Flickr Group.


Just Crafty Enough said...

You are right it does look like snake skin! We've had that nasty -20's weather the past week too, luckily last year we got all new windows and doors (Thank you Minneapolis Airport Commission!), so we have a lot less breezes.

PrairiePeasant said...

We used door snakes for years--I made mine out of old pant legs! They stayed in place better with some pockets of rice/beans sewn along one length. Love your snake!

Jinxy said...

I wouldn't have thought of a snake, I'm going to get right to making one up so I can stop freezing at my desk!