Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Iron Craft #1: Cotton Cafe Curtains

This is the first Iron Craft challenge of a new year!  Yay!

"Welcome to Iron Craft 2013! This is the second anniversary of the start of Iron Craft and since the traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton, we thought we’d make that our first challenge. Over the next two weeks, your challenge is to make something using cotton…any type of cotton, cotton yarn, cotton balls, cotton fabric, cotton rope…
(You can use items other than cotton in your project, but cotton should be the main material.)" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I was so excited about this challenge because it gave me a chance to do something that I've been meaning to do for months.

And it was a serious lesson in patience because I wanted to show you guys what I've been making for two weeks - but I had to wait until today for the big reveal.

I went all out for this challenge.

Check out my new kitchen cafe curtains! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!

I love love love them so much!

They are now tied up in both of my kitchen windows.

Some stats for you:

Made out of Blend Fabrics Kitchy Kitchen. 100% cotton.

Fabrics included:
Fruit Slices Coral
Vegetable Garden Navy
Wedge Geo Green
Utensils Orange
RicRac Coral

Perfect kitchen fabric.

The backs are made out of gingham in whatever various colours I had.  Photographed is the orange.  There is also red and white, purple and white, green and white for some of the panels.

The cafe curtains leave the top part of the window open so that the fern still gets sunlight and my indoor herb garden (when I finally get it going) will also have light.

Just check out the utensils fabric.  Mixers, whisks, measuring spoons and cups, cutting boards.  I love it!

I made four panels for each window with four rectangles of fabric each and the navy vegetable garden fabric as the trim at the bottom of each panel.

My kitchen is a disaster, but the curtains are oh so cute!

When we bought this house, it had the most awful green paint all over everything int he kitchen.  When it chips off the cupboards because it was painted so badly, there is white underneath and it looks like hell.  But we can't really afford to redo the kitchen at this point in time.  So any craft that takes the focus away from all the green and adds a little pop of oranges and yellows is a good thing.

I'm thinking some sort of valance is required next. :)

I hope you like my first Iron Craft project of the new year.

To follow all the Iron Crafters and their projects using cotton, please visit the Flickr Group.


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Just Crafty Enough said...

I have a kitchen that needs some help too, your curtains are definitely cute enough to make it look better!

Jinxy said...

I'm really into the fabric you used as trim. It ties everything together so well.