Friday, 11 January 2013

Blizzard Giggles

Everyone here in Winnipeg is busy gearing up for a winter blizzard. 

As I was walking the kids to school - actually I had them both hunkered down in the sled and I was dragging the sled to school - I was thinking about this video.

Does Winnipeg really exist?

Could there be such a place that is so cold? Where we have fleets of snow plows on the ready for when that blizzard hits?  Is there such a thing as Winnipeggers?  Why don't they move to a more hospitable place? Surely they can't exist?

Well... Hollywood seems to think so....

Hmmm... OK... Winnipeg might actually exist?

Just a few giggles for those of you hiding in your imaginary cozy homes waiting for an imaginary storm in your imaginary city. :D

Hollywood has just made us up to be a butt of their jokes hehehe.

I'm fine with that.

1 comment:

Kristie said...

Loved this! And so far, this storm is wussy, not Winnipeg worthy at all;)