Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Black Light Mini Golf

Finding things to do in the winter after the kids have been sick for a couple of weeks proves difficult.  We didn't want to take them outside sledding or skating so soon after they both started feeling better.

I am having back issues because of the rapidly fluctuating weather, so bowling wasn't something I was going to enjoy.

We finally decided to drive across town to the Black Light Mini Golf place.

Super fun!

It's difficult to photograph the whole experience.  But here are the two goons goofing off when they thought I couldn't see them in the dark.  Mawahahaha - I put the flash on them and caught them in the act!


Included in the mini golfing package were neon necklaces and bracelets for the kids.  Here's Lane with her orange golf ball.  She was very patient and wouldn't give up until that ball was in the hole. :)

Here's Logan getting close to a finish. He was about 2 holes ahead of us the entire time.  :)

There was a silly car ride thing at the end that the kids begged me to put a twoonie in.  They had a lot of fun rocked back and forth in that thing that was obviously made for much smaller children. 

A great family outing for a Sunday right before Logan had to go back to school.

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