Saturday, 15 December 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #40

I admit - I had a big ole gaping massive traumatizing fail this week when I couldn't get it together enough to take decent photos at either kid's Christmas concert.


The hugest, most gut wrenching, awful mommy fail for the ages.

Let's take a look at exhibit A:

We got a spot in the front row.  Awesome for taking pictures right?  Nope.
All the other parents who didn't get such nice seats crowded to the front. When I used my flash, all my camera would take a photo of is a bunch of backs of parents heads.

So I turned off my flash and got blurry... blur... blur... fuzz...

At least I don't have to blur the other kids' faces out.  Already done.

Logan is the short guy dead centre. Hiding behind a giant kid in a vest.

I decided to try a different tactic - taking a photo of the lovely filmed concert that was displayed on the big screens next to the stage.  Certainly with the video camera doing all the focusing for me, I should be able to just point a shoot right?


Exhibit B:

Sigh... it looked better on the wall.


Flash forward to a few days later. I knew that I needed to up my photo taking skills for Lane's Christmas concert.  It was her first pre-school concert.  I had to make memories dammit!

Yeah... so.... Exhibit C

They were in the school gym this time.  Nice and bright and no parents crowding the stage.  My flash would surely work now?

Nope.  Devil eyes on all of them.

And they were so cute in their jammies with their stuffies in their hands.  (I totally know why teacher had them holding their stuffed friends - don't think I don't realize that it was to prevent these little ankle biters from putting their fingers in their noses during the performance.  Well played teacher... well played.)

Ok. The flash didn't work.  Maybe I'll try no flash again.

Exhibit D? E? F?  who cares - it's all a huge mommy fail anyway...


What a miserable low down fail on my part this week.

The concerts were super adorable though.  I guess you'll have to take my word for it.

At least I was able to get it together for this festive picture today.

Even if I'm the only one in festive gear. *sigh*


I'm sharing this confession over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.  Share with us?


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Kimberly said...

That happened to me at their breakfast with Santa. There was so many bodies...and shatty lighting. I wonder if you could ask another parent for some copies? The pictures that I took that turned out ok, I gave to the other parents of the kids.
His concert is Thursday. I must brush up on ma skillz.
PS nice gear saucy momma