Sunday, 9 December 2012

Logan's Birthday Party

Can you believe that my little guy turns 6 on Tuesday?

Someone hold me....


He is growing up so fast.

So fast in fact that he's old enough to invite all of his little friends to a birthday party at the movie theatre and not tear the place apart, or spill a single thing.


It's true.  The day started out a little rocky, with Lane having a bit of a potty accident and taking out one of the Angry Birds shirts.  Good thing I had extra. It would have been a shame if Lane didn't get to wear her shirt along with all the other boys and girls at the party.

Then we went to pick up the cake.  I had ordered the Angry Birds cake last week saying that we'd pick it up today. Somehow the girl taking the order translated that into "I'll pick it up on December 16th."

OY!  So the cake that we planned the entire party around was a no-show.  We had to buy a generic cake and go with it.  Good thing we had bought Angry Birds candles and cake plates at the Party Stuff, so the kids didn't even really notice a difference anyway.

All the kids loved the Rise of the Guardians movie. They were all giggling and trying to catch the snowflakes that were falling in front of their 3D glasses.

The party room was chaos, but that's expected.  Nobody got hurt.  Nobody spilled anything. 


And the birthday boy came home a very happy (and slightly overstimulated).

Double win!

I guess if you're still reading this, you'll want to see photos.

I don't have permission from any of the families to put up photos of their children, so here are some of my babies from the party.

Here is Logan before the party playing with his new Angry Birds Kinex set that mommy, daddy, Laney and Maya the cat.

Logan enjoying his "Angry Birds" cake. All the kids really loved their Angry Birds shirts. I'm so happy I put in the effort to make them :D

And Laney in her second Angry Birds shirt of the day. Probably giving her a white one to wear first was a bad idea now that I think of it hehehe Navy blue was a much better choice.

Terry and I high fived that one once we were in the car coming home.

We survived another one!

I'm gonna need a whole year to trick my brain into thinking that throwing another birthday party is a good idea hehehe

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