Friday, 21 December 2012

Food Friday: Reindeer Noses

Late on Tuesday evening I was busy surfing the Internet when I realized that I hadn't yet thought of anything for the kids to bring as a treat for their classmates to celebrate the holidays.

Uh oh...

But never fear.  A quick Google search and a ton of Pinterest surfing later and I found these babies.

Reindeer noses.

I got the printable from Mum Of All Trades.  Check it out here.

I sized the printable to print 9 per page and cut them all out.  I used 8 Maltesers* for the regular reindeer noses and one gummy berry for Rudolph's nose.

* I hear the Maltesers are still called Whoppers in the US

The poem reads:
I wanted the perfect gift for you,
But couldn't decide just what to do!
I almost sent you a dozen roses...
But instead, here's a bag of reindeer noses! :)

So cute!

They were a hit at Lane's party yesterday and sure to be a hit at Logan's party this afternoon.

(I almost blanked on getting the teacher's a gift as well.  What is with my brain being so fuddled lately?  I ended up reading somewhere that teachers like edible gifts or gift cards - so I got the teachers gift cards to the Dollarama.)

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