Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Lights

We always wait until after Logan's birthday to put up our Christmas tree, but that didn't stop us from partaking of some Christmas cheer this weekend.

We drove all the way across town to check out the Holiday Lights at the Red River Exhibition Park.

I know... they are always the same only rearranged slightly.  It's still magical though to see the kids' faces light up as bright as those pretty twinkling bulbs.

We stop at the Timmie's, grab and hot chocolate and some Timbits and head on over to the park.  We stay toasty in the car and drive through the course oohing and aahhhing over all the pretty Christmas themed lights.


Logan was into it.  Especially the pigging out on the donuts part.

Lane didn't have a nap during the day and ended up falling asleep for most of the drive to the lights.  Then I woke her up to tell her we were finally there, and she scowled at me while I snapped her picture.

She brightened up a lot once she saw all the hearts in lovers lane right at the beginning of the drive.


One family tradition done - onto the rest of 'em (after we celebrate Logan's birthday of course).

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Kristie said...

Haven't done that one yet this year! Will have to try and head over :)