Thursday, 6 December 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party: The T-Shirts

We took Logan on over to the Safeway on Sunday to choose a cake for his birthday party.

Since we hadn't really thought about a theme for this particular birthday party, I figured it was a good chance to see what he was thinking.

We've arranged a birthday party at the movie theatre this time around.  The kids are going to see Rise of The Guardians.  Not sure if I wanted to attempt this theme, so I was happy when Logan decided on an Angry Birds cake.

I can do that!

So here are the first of the party favours for Logan's Angry Birds Birthday party this year.


12 Angry Birds!

They are so angry!

I started out by going to the local Giant Tiger and picking up 12 t-shirts at a super awesome price (2 for $4). 

*** on a side note: why on earth is the Giant Tiger trying to kid itself with these "GT Boutique" bags? What? GT Boutique like it's some kind of upscale place.  Be what you are Giant Tiger - the place to buy milk and hams! Dammit!

I then put together 12 patches made out of felt.  I freehanded the pattern from my Angry Birds Perler beads pattern.

Then I hand sewed the patches and machine sewed the patches onto the t-shirts.

Logan is super impressed.

Well... maybe not in the photo ....

But he's super impressed in this photo... or he's having some sort of conniption... not sure.


This birthday is shaping up!


Judy H said...

very cute and what a great mom to take the time to make the t-shirts. that's what he will remember, not the party itself.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

wow! you are amazing!