Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Has Arrived 2012

This weekend we had our first dump of snow.

And it was glorious.

I love snow at the beginning of winter.  It's so soft and white and fluffy.

By March - it's all slush and brown and gross.

Ah... nothing like that first snowfall.  When the night air takes on an orange hue because of the snowflakes against the street lights.  I love it!

So today we pulled on our snowpants, mitts, hats, coats and boots and headed outside for a family walk.

We plopped the kids down into the sled and took off.

Sorry for this terrible photo.  I brought the good camera out to take the photo above of the kids shoveling on Saturday, but didn't remember to bring it out for our walk today.  Crappy phone pics are all you're gonna get. :(

We stopped in the IGA parking lot and climbed a big snow hill.  It was as high as a house already!  Fun!  I even climbed up there and slid down on  my butt.  Yay!

And of course, our walk wouldn't be complete without a trip to 7-Eleven.  Yes... even while parading through snowbanks, Winnipeggers still feel the need to stop for a Slurpee.  It was delicious.

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