Monday, 19 November 2012

Door Dress Up November 2012

As anyone who has been to my house knows, I love to dress up my front (side?) door.

Since Halloween it has been naked!


So last Wednesday evening while Terry took Logan to a birthday party, Lane and I had a little craft night.

And we made the door some clothes:

The sun is shining today, so you'd think I could grab a decent photo.  But alas, I'm the worst photographer and the sun/shadow ratio was not in my favour.

Anyway - I had found a whole bag of steel rings at the Thrift store.  Mostly I use them for my macrame projects.  I have way too many though to ever use them up just doing macrame.  So I wrapped some in Christmas coloured yarn (red, white and green).  I added some bells hanging in the centre of each and connected them all.

Lane organized all the bells and colours.  She did an excellent job.

When we were done, she said, "Now mommy, I will hold it and you can take pictures of me for Facebook."  hehehe she knows the deal.

And she does an awesome rock star pose.

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