Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Birthday Poem by Terry

I was very happy to see what my awesome husband gave me for my birthday.

I truly wasn't expecting anything.  We tend to save up the money we would normally spend on birthdays and Christmas and pool it together to buy something we both really need for the house.

I opened up the card and there was a Modcloth Gift Cert included with it - EEEEEEEE! I love all the pretty dresses at Modcloth!

But the really amazing thing about the gift cert was the poem included in the note:

Your Birthday ticks closer. Oh what should I buy?
With so many options it brings me to sigh
Then, out of the blue I did blurt
Why not nab a Modcloth gift cert!
With this you could pick up many a dress
To help define your massive breas....
Then off to the interwebs I did go
With the hope that this purchase will help to show
That you're so pretty, beautiful and smart
You deserve all the riches that exist in your heart

(an original poem by Terry)

Awwww.... isn't that the sweetest?  Even the part about my boobs?

I spent my gift cert today on these two lovely dresses if you were wondering ;)

I know! Too adorable for you to stand right?  The dresses and the poem. :D

Note: Modcloth did not pay me for this promo. I just really loved my birthday present and wanted to share it with you.  And if any of you out there are looking for something awesome to give me for Christmas? *hint hint*

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession #39

Today is my birthday. I'm 36 years old.

But really.... I still feel like a 13 year old pretending to be an adult.

Let's examine the evidence shall we?

I watch the other adults around me and they seem to always know what to talk about. They are always talking about very adult things like home renos and PTA meetings.  I guess my talk about how I bought all the pom pom trim at the fabric store doesn't go over that well.  Awkward....

I investigate the other adults around me and notice that they spend a lot of time thinking about how to style their hair.  They contemplate exactly what colour it should be.  They talk about how it needs to be easily styled in the morning so they can get on with their busy lives.

I, on the other hand, tend to make snap decisions.  I never regret if my hair turns out half swamp thing green.  I put curlers in at night just to see if I can emulate a 1940s hairdo the next day and then have to wear a scarf around my 'do to keep it from coming out while I take the kids to school in my winter gear.Not at all practical. 

My hair yesterday - on a school day no less

I observe the other adult women around me and notice that they have a very set sense of fashion that they don't tend to stray from very often.

Me?  I wore two mismatched socks under my dress to the craft show on Saturday.  One day you might find me sporting a bee hive and cat eye glasses, the next I'll be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I wish I could just figure out the adult I want to be and stick with it.

My house isn't filled with very adult type things.
I'm 36 years old - I should own a proper night stand.  (Instead we have white plastic Rubbermaid drawers beside the bed.

I should be worried about the state of the paint on the walls of my house.  But instead I like to see the kids artwork decorating every corner even if they put it up using the dreaded tape.  In fact, I should have more adult artwork up on the walls to decorate my home.  Instead I made these guys to decorate my bathroom door.

So classy and adultlike of me eh?

Then again, maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. Maybe we're all children play pretending at being an adult?

Maybe the problem is that I'm not that good of an actress?

My childlike tendencies aren't hidden under a fa├žade of being practical and normal adult.  Maybe regular adults need to let their childlike qualities out once in awhile?

 Jazz hands people!  It's my birthday! I'm gonna party like it's my birthday!

And I'm old enough to drink alcohol! neener neener neener.

I'm sharing this confession over at All Word and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. And it's my birthday so I decree that everyone has to go over their and check out the confessions and write their own.  hehehe


Friday, 23 November 2012

Handmade Holidays: Christmas Tree Mini Quilt #2

I've finished another one! :D

This time I used pom pom trim and silver braid and rik rak as embellishments.

I love how each quilt is made in almost the exact same way and yet end up so different.  Keeps things interesting.

Hopefully that interest won't fade until I'm done 4 or 5 of these hehehe.

The first two look really good together don't they? (If you haven't read all the fun quilting stats on these mini quilts but totally need to know, please visit the post I wrote about the first Christmas Tree Mini Quilt)

I used some teddy bears holding presents cotton for the backing of this second one.

Now who to give this one to?  I think I'll make them all first and then decide which one goes where according to the recipients personality.  There's bound to be one to match each person. :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Iron Craft #23: Let The Holiday Madness Begin

For this week's challenge:
"Halloween is over and so are the elections, so let the holiday madness begin! This week we’d like you to make something for one of the upcoming holidays." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I'm not sure an upcoming birthday quite fits as a "holiday", but I also intend to make this project for a few kids on my Christmas list.  And considering that my birthday is in 4 days. Logan's is on December 11th and Terry's is December 29th, our holiday madness begins and ends with birthdays as well.

So, when Logan got invited to a birthday party and I realized that we gave the birthday boy a handmade crayon roll last year.  Uh oh - I guess the crayon rolls round of birthday gifts is over.  I had to come up with something new.

A little artist smock!

Isn't it adorable?

Logan picked out the fabric himself.  We bought some glitter paints and paint brushes to add to the gift.

I will definitely be making more of these for some other special kids on my list.  So cute!

And useful.  I'd much rather the kids destroy the smock with paint instead of their clothes.

Logan wasn't very impressed with me making him try it on when we was getting ready for bed.  But I had to make sure it would fit didn't I?

To follow all of the Iron Crafting Holiday Madness please visit the Flickr Group.


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Monday, 19 November 2012

Door Dress Up November 2012

As anyone who has been to my house knows, I love to dress up my front (side?) door.

Since Halloween it has been naked!


So last Wednesday evening while Terry took Logan to a birthday party, Lane and I had a little craft night.

And we made the door some clothes:

The sun is shining today, so you'd think I could grab a decent photo.  But alas, I'm the worst photographer and the sun/shadow ratio was not in my favour.

Anyway - I had found a whole bag of steel rings at the Thrift store.  Mostly I use them for my macrame projects.  I have way too many though to ever use them up just doing macrame.  So I wrapped some in Christmas coloured yarn (red, white and green).  I added some bells hanging in the centre of each and connected them all.

Lane organized all the bells and colours.  She did an excellent job.

When we were done, she said, "Now mommy, I will hold it and you can take pictures of me for Facebook."  hehehe she knows the deal.

And she does an awesome rock star pose.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Handmade Holidays: Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

I started handmade holidays really early this year.  I always think that I have plenty of time whenever I start each year... and each year I'm always rushing at the end (or heaven forbid - give store-bought presents!)

So in an effort to keep the holidays handmade this year I whipped up this little quilt this past week:

OK... so I didn't exactly "whip" it up.  It took 10 hours to put this baby together!

Here are some stats for the quilty nerds out there:
- measurements: 36" inches and 38" tall
- 10 hours to make
- I used fabric from a bag of vintage Christmas scraps that I picked up at the Thrift store for $3.99
- the quilt is backed with Lane's old bedroom curtains
- I used the left over sequins from making my mermaid Halloween costume and trimmed the tree ornaments and one of the borders with it

I used a pattern that was in one of my very favourite craft books: Scrap Basket Crafts

Here are some more pictures.

Now who to give this one to?

I think I'm going to make a few more of these because I have a feeling they will be in demand this season!


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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Has Arrived 2012

This weekend we had our first dump of snow.

And it was glorious.

I love snow at the beginning of winter.  It's so soft and white and fluffy.

By March - it's all slush and brown and gross.

Ah... nothing like that first snowfall.  When the night air takes on an orange hue because of the snowflakes against the street lights.  I love it!

So today we pulled on our snowpants, mitts, hats, coats and boots and headed outside for a family walk.

We plopped the kids down into the sled and took off.

Sorry for this terrible photo.  I brought the good camera out to take the photo above of the kids shoveling on Saturday, but didn't remember to bring it out for our walk today.  Crappy phone pics are all you're gonna get. :(

We stopped in the IGA parking lot and climbed a big snow hill.  It was as high as a house already!  Fun!  I even climbed up there and slid down on  my butt.  Yay!

And of course, our walk wouldn't be complete without a trip to 7-Eleven.  Yes... even while parading through snowbanks, Winnipeggers still feel the need to stop for a Slurpee.  It was delicious.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Iron Craft #22: UFOs

This week's Iron Craft challenge:
"With the holidays with all its projects and commitments are looming, so this seems like a good time for a UFO challenge. Scary I know! But we all have them hidden away in our craft room, shoved behind a couch or tucked away in a closet. (cue ominous music) Those Unfinished Objects!!!!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


I have several of these unfinished projects lurking around my house.  But Logan has been bugging me and bugging me about one in particular.

So I took it up and made a decent sized dent in finishing it.

It all started after I finished Lane's scrap rug.  Logan wanted one too.  One with his name on it.

I made an OK start on it.

I started filling in the letters.

But then I stopped.  Like for a year....

Until this challenge came along.  I worked on it A LOT these past two weeks.  I mean 14 or 15 hours worth at least.  Phew!

And this is how far I've gotten.

Cutting and tying each individual square is a lot of work.  But it's starting to look really good! :D

And I'm totally going to keep going.  Until it's finished.

I think I just needed this challenge to light a fire under me and get me going again. 


To see what other mysterious UFOs are lurking for the other Iron Crafters, please visit the Flickr Group.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mermaid Costumes and a Cyclops Pumpkin Costume for Good Measure

You didn't think I'd let a Halloween go by without making a costume or two - or three did you?

OK, so I haven't been so good at sharing my progress on the blog lately.  I don't know what it up with me, but I am having a hard time getting into the blogging thing lately.  I've been sharing the progress all along on the Tawny Bee Fanpage though.


Lane decided that this year she wanted to be a mermaid.




What to do?

Hmmm... I thought about it for a long time and realized that anything I came up with would be impossible to walk in.

What all else fails, go to the Fabric store and see if they have a pattern.

And they did!

(Simplicity 4043 in case you wanted to know.)

So I made matching mommy/daughter mermaid costumes.

Simplicity 4043

 Logan wanted to be a pumpkin.  Much easier.

I just took the bee costume pattern from when he was two and enlarged it (and turned it orange of course!)

I even let Logan design his own Jack-o-Lantern face.

 Yes, we have a cyclops pumpkin.  Woo!

Here are some more pictures from Halloween.

Ninja mermaid!  Lane kept striking a ninja pose when I tried to snap a pic or two of her.  So we had a ninja mermaid and a cyclops pumpkin for the evening.

Mermaid in socks.  It's the latest thing hehehe

Lane doing her best "child of the corn" look.  Yipe!

This is when I caught Terry trying to get a shot of my cleavage.

He thought he'd trade a cleavage shot for a bum shot and posed very willingly for one too.  Goof!

I hope you all had a safe and awesome Halloween!


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