Thursday, 4 October 2012

Project Project Runway: It's Fashion Baby

This week's challenge was a rather odd one.  But I guess that's what happens when Heidi is looking for free designs for her own fashion line:

"Ok, we don’t want you to have go buy a baby doll for this one challenge and we’ve already done a busy mom type look. So, if you have a baby doll you can design a baby outfit for it. If you don’t have a baby doll, you can design a high-end maternity look for your regular model (yes, give your model a baby bump)." Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough


I  admit - I did not have time to do this challenge.  I have been so busy sewing and sewing and sewing for fall shows that are coming up quick, that I haven't been able to focus onmuch else.  And I still have to get to Halloween Costume sewing -ACK!

Thankfully - last week, I had a very discerning mommy client in my studio demanding a dress be made for her baby doll.  You got it. Lane was my picky client. :D

Here's what I came up with according to her specifications:

It had to be made out of Dora the Explorer fabric.  And it had to be blue.  It also had to be easy enough for multiple wardrobe changes.  Remember, a three year old needs to be able to pull it on and off in a hurry when baby doll is fussy and wiggly heehe.

So it closes with Velcro and the skirt is simple elastic. Not exactly high fashion, but it'll do.

I think she loves it.  Even though I was busy doing prep for shows, who can say no to that face?  I just had to quickly design and sew something cute for this sweet little mommy.


To view all of the Project Project Runway designers, please visit the Flickr Group.


kat said...

You know I think ease of off & on is what a lot of designers on the show forgot. I'm glad your client helped you to remember!

This Mom said...

Your kids are so lucky that you sew! What a great talent...and it appears to be almost a lost art with this generation...or maybe it's just me who has lost it!